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UPDATE: PDF version of Starting to Write 3rd Edition can now be ordered online

The Tudor House imprint began life when Marina Oliver was asked by the Old Girls Club to write a history of her school, Queen Mary's High School, Walsall, for its centenary.

A prestigious, hard cover book was planned, lavishly illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs, as well as cartoons and reproduction of documents such as play programmes. To sell it in bookshops an ISBN number was necessary, and to obtain this a publishing imprint had to be set up.

The brother school, a grammar school, was a Tudor foundation, one of the few to be established during Queen Mary Tudor's reign. A name incorporating Tudor was selected.

Later on, Marina and Debbie Oliver (her daughter) decided to self-publish second editions of two books originally published by How To Books, titles which had gone out of print. They were Starting to Write and Writing Historical Fiction.

Writing Historical Fiction has since been updated and enlarged, and published by Studymates.

Debbie was a Group Production Editor of ComputerAct!ve, and she used her skills to prepare the books for printing. Using Print on Demand techniques, copies of Starting to Write can be produced as needed, either for individual sales, or to sell at the many talks and courses Marina and Debbie run. We also have discounted copies of Writing Romantic Fiction.

Marina Oliver has edited books and once published her own magazine, as well as writing articles in magazines and newspapers. She has published over 60 novels under her own name and several pseudonyms, some in the USA and translation, most in large print and other editions. She has also written four books in the Successful Writing Series for How To Books. Write and Sell Your Novel is available in an updated fourth edition. Studymates published Writing Historical Fiction in 2006.

She has also written a history of her old school, A Century of Achievement, and Castles and Corvedale, a guide to accompany a recently developed walk in Shropshire.

Marina belongs to various writing organisations, including the Society of Authors, Romantic Novelists' Association.

She was an adviser to the third edition of Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers (published 1994 by St James' Press Gale International).

Marina judges short story and novel competitions, appraises typescripts for the Arts Council, reviews for the Historical Novel Society, runs courses at major writing conferences and lectures widely on writing topics.